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After a traumatic experience, all you want is for things to go back to “normal.”

Whether it was a painful accident or a health battle like cancer, losing teeth to the trauma can be a lasting reminder you don’t want. But you can reclaim your self-confidence and healthy appearance thanks to the skill and care of Dr. Robert Lesniak. Dr. Lesniak has years of experience restoring smiles and lives through the latest advances in prosthodontic dentistry, including implant prosthetics. Dr. Lesniak offers implant prosthetics in St. Albert to reconstruct your appearance and rebuild your quality of life.

What are Implant Prosthetics?

Implant prosthetics are devices used to restore or replace the function and appearance of lost or damaged teeth. Implant prosthetics can take a variety of forms, which can collectively address any damage to the teeth. Types of implant prosthetics include:

  • Single tooth
  • Multiple teeth or implant bridges
  • Implant overdenture - removable clip-in denture and variations of removable devices
  • Fixed implant prosthetics - full arch implant bridges, all on X treatments, and hybrid treatment

Dr. Lesniak’s meticulous diagnostic and planning process allows him to thoroughly evaluate your current condition, talk through your options, answer your questions, and create a personalized implant prosthetics treatment plan to fit every detail of your needs and lifestyle. He will review each of these options with you during your consultation.

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How do I know if Implant Prosthetics are right for me?

Generally, anyone who has missing teeth may be a good candidate for implant prosthetics for any reason. Some of the more common conditions that can lead to tooth loss and require prosthesis are:

  • Trauma
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Periodontitis
  • Cancer
  • Tooth loss from decay
  • Congenital and developmental defects

Several factors can determine if implant prosthetics is the right course of treatment for you. Among them are your overall health, oral health, and any medications or supplements you take. It is imperative that your remaining dentition is in good condition, with a stable bite and no active dental disease present, including gum disease or extensive cavities.

Edmonton implant prosthetics expert, Dr. Lesniak will consider the extent of the treatment you need and whether your mouth currently has the structure and underlying tissue to make a prosthetic an effective solution. He will also consider your medical history and lifestyle in recommending an appropriate course of action.

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Restoring your smile and confidence is possible

Edmonton implant prosthetics provider, Dr. Lesniak has the board-certified expertise to address even the most complicated situations and help you reclaim your quality of life. To request an appointment, contact his clinic in St. Albert, Alberta, at (780) 459-3044, or you can fill out the consultation form. Dr. Lesniak is looking forward to meeting you and helping you complete your recovery with a bright, healthy smile!

St. Albert and Edmonton Implant Dentistry

For results you will love for years to come, turn to the prosthodontic dental skills of Dr. Robert Lesniak. Dr. Lesniak operates out of St. Albert. Conveniently located just north of the Anthony Henday, Dr. Lesniak makes sure each new patient is treated like family and receives undivided attention and impeccable care. Schedule your consultation today and get the smile you’ve been waiting for so long to share with the world!

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