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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

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Preparatory Treatment for Your Prosthetic

Creating the optimal foundation for your denture.

In order to achieve a well-fitted and functioning prosthetic (be it dentures, bridges, or implants), some patients require minor surgical procedures to shape surfaces of the mouth so that the denture can be placed properly and securely.

As each patient’s mouth is unique, pre-prosthetic surgery is an entirely personalized treatment that may consist of any combination of a variety of procedures. St Albert pre-prosthetic surgery provider, Dr. Robert Lesniak specializes in prosthodontics to provide you with a beautiful and functional smile. During your consultation with Dr. Lesniak, he will thoroughly assess the condition of your teeth and supporting structure to design a unique treatment plan for optimal smile restoration.

What is Pre-Prosthetic Surgery?

Taking the first step toward complete smile restoration. Pre-prosthetic surgery is a highly personalized procedure designed to prepare your mouth for a full or partial denture or fixed replacement like bridges or implants. In order for your denture to rest securely in your mouth and function properly, it is imperative that your mouth’s bone ridge and soft tissue can provide full support.

Pre-prosthetic surgery may include a number of procedures to smooth or shape the bone and eliminate any structural imperfections that may impede the functionality of your denture. Such treatments may include the removal of excess bone, bone ridge reduction, exposure of impacted teeth, tooth extraction, excess gum tissue excision, or ridge augmentation. The precise surgical plan of each patient is unique and can only be determined through a thorough examination.

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What are the benefits of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery?

A necessary step toward a better quality of life.

An ill-fitting denture cannot function optimally and can lead to future complications. Pre-prosthetic surgery significantly reduces the risk of complications following your denture placement.

With a fully functional denture, you may be able to enjoy a more complete diet for enhanced nutrition and wellness. Pre-prosthetic surgery also offers cosmetic benefits, allowing for the most natural-looking results. As your denture may rest squarely on your gums, we can enhance the position of the replacement teeth to improve your smile and create a more youthful and attractive appearance.

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Candidacy

Determining if this treatment is right for you.

Simply put, if your treatment plan includes denture placement, you may be a candidate for pre-prosthetic surgery.

The only way to determine if pre-prosthetic surgery is necessary for your denture placement is through a thorough assessment of your mouth structures’ shapes and contours. During your denture consultation, Dr. Lesniak can help design a treatment plan to suit every aspect of your needs. In order to undergo surgery safely and achieve optimal results, it is essential that you disclose any health conditions with St Albert pre-prosthetic surgery provider, Dr. Lesniak.

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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Procedure

An overview of what your procedure may include. As an entirely personalized procedure, the details of your treatment will depend on your unique needs.

During your consultation and procedure planning, Edmonton pre-prosthetic surgery provider, Dr. Lesniak will provide you with information regarding the types of procedures that will be performed, specific techniques, any grafting materials that may be involved, and what methods of numbing and sedation will provide you with the most comfortable treatment experience. Generally speaking, you can expect the refinement of any shape irregularities along your bone ridge. You will likely receive local anesthesia for your procedure. The duration of your procedure will depend on the extent of your surgery.

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Recovery

What to expect after your procedure.

Like your treatment itself, the details of your pre-prosthetic surgery recovery will depend on the procedures you will need to create the best foundation for your denture. However, you will likely experience some swelling and inflammation after your surgery. Dr. Lesniak may prescribe anti-inflammatories to offer relief during your recovery, and over-the-counter medications should be sufficient for pain management.

Additional Reading

Edmonton pre-prosthetic surgery patients may also need to adhere to special diet or oral hygiene instructions, which Dr. Lesniak will provide. You may be able to return to work or other regular activities the following day, but it is important to allow yourself ample time to heal, so you should not hesitate to take more time off if needed. The amount of time it will take to achieve a full recovery can vary greatly depending on your specific treatment details. For patients who undergo procedures that require a longer recovery period, a provisional prosthetic may be needed until your mouth is ready for your denture.

​Your Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Results

Completing this vital step toward your best smile.

Ultimately, you can look forward to achieving an improved setting for your denture and a fully restored smile. Taking this vital step toward your best treatment outcome can provide you with an exponentially better quality of life.

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Build the foundation for a beautifully functional and long-lasting smile.

Dr. Lesniak can provide you with a detailed and personalized treatment plan to enhance every aspect of your smile and help you achieve a happier and healthier life. Schedule your consultation to begin your journey toward smile-worthy denture results.

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery
Frequently Asked Questions

You may experience some pain or discomfort after treatment. However, your procedure will most likely be performed under local anesthesia and sedation, and post-treatment discomfort is generally treatable with over-the-counter medications.

Your insurance may or may not provide coverage for your treatment. We suggest contacting your insurance provider for details regarding your policy and treatment.

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